Insurance FAQ

What kind of insurance do we accept?

For Chiropractic and Massage we take HealthNet, BCBS, Aetna, Moda, Providence, Kaiser, Cigna, American Specialty Health Network, Pacific Source, UHC, VA/TriWest, various Auto/PIP insurances, and Worker’s Comp. We accept the same insurances, except Providence, for Acupuncture. Please note that for the majority of private insurances patients have to be receiving Chiropractic services on the same date as Massage in order for Massage to be covered.

For patients who do not have insurance or have an insurance we are not in network with we offer a fee schedule. All fees are due at the time of service

What is the difference between a copay and coinsurance?

A copay is a set payment amount per service while coinsurance is a percentage of the procedure fees you have to pay. With a copay it is typical that the deductible be waived but with coinsurance the deductible has to have been met for that year before it is active. Whether you have a copay or coinsurance is determined by the insurance plan you have selected.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a limit set by your insurance company that you have to pay into before the insurance covers any expenses. The limit is dependent upon the type of plan you have selected. If we are in network with your insurance company, your deductible payments may have negotiated fees and therefore differ from other patients’ or the non-insurance fee schedule.

What is a pre/prior authorization?

Some insurances require granting approval of certain services before they can take place. If your insurance is in agreement that services are medically necessary, they will give a prior or pre-authorization with a set timeline or set number of visits for you to use. Providers typically are the party to request such authorizations. Whether your insurance requires pre/prior authorization is dependent on the insurance plan you have selected.

What is the difference between referred and self-referred benefits?

Some insurances require a primary care doctor’s referral and authorization for treatment before treatment can begin. These are referred benefits while self-referred allows the patient to make the decision as to whether they would like to seek treatment and from whom. Whether you have referred or self-referred benefits is determined by the insurance plan you have selected.

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